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What is the Spotlight 90-Day Visibility Program ?

The Spotlight 90-Day Visibility Program is one of our premier visibility and promotion programs. It helps authors, speakers, coaches and business owners get more visibility, promotion and exposure for their product, services and message. We give you the tools, opportunities, skills and support, to stand out from the crowd. Get your message in front of the right people!

When you get your message out there, the payoff to your bottom line is Substantial.

If you have found this page it means that you have had some connection with our good friends at Women Talk.  We love to take special care of the people that we meet through this great connection as Pure Potentials is the proud Corporate National Sponsor of Women Talk!

That’s why…if you choose to participate in this program…Please use the Promo Code “womantalk” and you will receive a 25% discount!

The Spotlight Online Program is a 90-Day Visibility Program which contains the following:

You Will Have 5 Guaranteed Speaking Spots!

WHAT! That is huge. You can choose where and when you would like to do each of these 15 minute Ted Style talks on any of our Club Stages. These are not paid spots but you can make an offer if you like. WE PUT YOU IN FRONT OF OUR AUDIENCES. This alone could be worth thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

You Will Participate In One Of Our Quarterly “Leaders Building Leaders” Telesummits!

You can use the telesummit as a revenue generating product for your own future and ongoing usage. PLUS…we will teach you the exact mechanics to build your OWN telesummit.

You Receive A 30 Minute Recorded Interview Spot On Our Speakers Spotlight Podcast.

We put this out on ITunes and to our networks. YOU can also send this out to your data bases. This is a great way to build your list.

You Will Be An Author

Ok this is getting crazy! You will be guided through creating a chapter in our upcoming compilation book. We will publish this for you in both Hardcopy and Ebook Format. There is nothing that builds authority more than being a published author. If you are already an author…you will have that second, third, forth or hundredth book to put on your list.

You Will Receive General Admission To One Of Our Upcoming Speakers Retreats.

This is where you will get your professional video shot, a speakers head shot and a professional interview for your website or other marketing purposes.

A 2-Hour Private Discovery Session

This is crucial in assessing the current state of your speaking business, goals and objectives as well as finding any revenue streams that you may currently be missing.
3-Monthly Group Training Calls

You will be privilege to the monthly group training calls. During these training you will develop and sharpen your marketing processes, get feedback on your presentation and marketing content, develop and get feedback on all of your speaker tools and create joint venture partnerships with other participants.

Gain Access To The Private Online Mastermind Group – Life Time Access

Two heads are always better than one. When you join this program, you also gain access to some of the smartest and brightest speakers and coaches out there. Many partnerships have been created here as well as mind blowing ideas that have changed lives and exponentially increased bottom lines.

The Spotlight Online Program – Life Time Access (See Course Material Below)

These modules contain all of the step by step training, templates, and checklists to build out everything you need to run a successful speaking business. Learn how to create your signature offer, sell from stage, get more speaking opportunities, discover your revenue streams, learn the social media techniques that produce results, build you unique marketing strategies, understand and develop your marketing and presentation content, and develop your speaking business success road map. Check out the modules below.

Personality Marketing

  • Clearly Showcase Your Core Message And What You Are Meant To Be Known For!

  • Discover Your TRUE Purpose As A Transformational Leader

  • Discover Your Unique Brand And How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Your Signature Offer

  • Create Your Highly Lucrative Signature Offer!

  • Sell From Stage With Pure Confidence

  • Create Your Complete Follow Up Sales System

Your Perfect Audience

  • Discover Who Is Your Perfect Audience Member

  • Discover Where Your Audience Is

  • Understand Completely What Your Audience Wants From YOU!

Your Speaker Core Content Toolkit

  • Discover The Exact Content Pieces That You Need As A Successful Speaker

  • Get The Templates And Instructions To Create Your Content Pieces

  • Learn How To Bring Your Unique Flare And Personality Into Your Materials

Get More Speaking Opportunities

  • Get Our Speaking Opportunity Resource Guidebook

  • Learn How To Successful Get More Speaking Gigs

  • Understand What You Need To Do To Maximize Your Speaking Opportunities!

Your Speaker Tech Tools

  • Get The Speakers Tech Checklist

  • Get Step By Step Instruction For Implementing The Tech You Need

  • Get Our Complete Resource Library Of Tech Support

Accelerate Your Speaking Biz!

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Listen To What Some Of Our Raving Fans Had To Say!

After I joined this program and started using some of the tools and techniques, I was able to make a profit of $5000 at my very next event.

Stuart Gethner

I had spent 20 years trying to get clear on my core message. After only the first week, I had more clarity than I had ever had in my entire life.

Lorrie Lauer

This program has been a life saver for me. I never knew all of the components that I needed to grow a speaking business. I was finally able to convert my signature speech into real sales!

Eileen Head