Will The New Anti-Spam Law Effect Your Small Business?

 (I certainly hope so!)

You walk into a networking event…and immediately you see it…so beautiful, so welcoming, and practically begging for you to come over. It is the promo table, the golden challis of the networking room, the place where you can leave you business cards and take those of your fellow networkers. You set down a stack hoping that someone will see the sheer brilliance of your offer, call you and become a client. But instead you end up on someone’s Mailing List! Perhaps you too have added someone after the briefest of encounters. Like many list-building activities, this practice has both worked and failed to varying degrees. But in case you haven’t heard the Canadian Government is implementing a new Anti-Spam Law on July 1st 2014. It is a strict law with high penalties and it is causing the resounding echoes of frustration and dismay to ring throughout the small business community. “Why can’t I add emails that I’ve found on the Internet to my mailing list?” In the past we have been following an Opt-Out Model. This new law (CASL) works on the Opt-In principles. I am not going to go into details about this law in this particular blog but I do recommend you familiarize yourself with it. The basic premise is that you need (and better be able to prove) that you have expressed consent from the people on your mailing list before you send them out any commercial emails (that being emails selling your products or services.) Ignorance of the law will not excuse you if you break it.


The point is not whether or not you are complying with a law (because you have to) the point is how can you make your business stand out from the crowds and get people lining up to hear what you have to offer.


It is not easy building a business and it is certainly not easy building a list. The world is full of noise and standing out is harder than ever.


Your job is to stand out from the crowd and give your potential clients value. As business owners we can sometimes walk that fine line of over promoting ourselves because we are so passionate about what we do that we want to share it with everyone. BUT, we must give incentive to our clients and NEVER make them feel as though our brand has spammed them. All this law will do is to help the small business owner become more creative and authentic. Our lists might be smaller at first but they will grow a far more lucrative crop. Let’s build trust by getting more creative and adding as much value as we can; let’s not build a business, lets build a legacy.

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