Why Is Your Message So Hard To Muster?

As a speaker, you know that you need to have words come out of your mouth when you stand before an audience...

(nothing like stating the obvious!)

Yet what is it about writing that signature speech that is so elusive and difficult?

You are a smart intelligent person, you know how to write, but for many people getting this seemingly simple task done remains on the “To Do List” indefinitely.

You will delight in the knowledge that you are not alone. This is challenging for most people and the reason why is because of one simple route cause.

The only reason that one does not have an effective, money making signature speech in their toolkit is because they are not clear on their core message.

If you are not clear on your core message then these are the three ways in which the problem manifests:

1.  We never actually writing it.

2. We start but we don’t  finish.  We change it forever…

3. We create the wrong speech. This is where we create a message that is unclear, not ours or we just plain don’t like!

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that digging deep into our souls and pulling out our purpose is the easiest thing in the world to do; but I am going to tell you this, finding that secret jewel that lives inside of you is the most joyful thing that you can do!

What’s inside of you has the potential to change thousands of lives.

I am NOT being dramatic here…this is a hands down truth!

Now why it’s so hard to pull this out ourselves is because it is hidden down and covered up by layers of roles and responsibilities. We all know that it’s easier for outsiders to gain perspective on topics and situations that we are sometimes just too close to. We know that stepping back gives us a wider view and clearer picture.

Another common message blocker is the fact that we try and force our message into something that we can monetizes.  Ironically, the only way to make a significant personal and financial impact is by first getting clear on that passion that lives inside of you.

Think about it…

Who are you?

What do you value?

How can your experiences help others?

Blending who you are with what you do is the sweet spot of your core message and it is not always easy to see first hand.

If you would like an outside perspective on what your core message may be, please feel free to book a complementary core message clarity session.  During this session we will look at how your skills, talents, passions and goals intersect to create that transformational message that you are looking to convey.

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Yours In Success,

Jacki McLenaghan

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