Why I’m Breaking Up With My IPhone

//Why I’m Breaking Up With My IPhone

Why I’m Breaking Up With My IPhone

By Jacki McLenaghan

My IPhone and I have been in a serious relationship for quite some time now. At first the relationship was professional but now…we have started sleeping together. It started off innocently enough, maybe just one or two nights per week. But now it is becoming obsessive. I can’t seem to live without the sleek sexy feel of it in my hand. Just looking at it lights up my face. The subtle sounds of rings, dings and buzzes used to be a gentle reminder that I was loved and needed. But now those subtle sounds have turned into screams.
“CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK, YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER EMAIL, ANOTHER TEXT! RING…It’s my mother, why doesn’t she text? TEXT…it’s my friend, why doesn’t she call?

Then…if the phone is quiet for too long….

No new likes, no friend requests, no text, tweets, emails or calls…WHY HASN’T THIS DEVISE DONE ANYTHING FOR THE LAST 5 MINUTES?

Your very existence starts to crumble, “I don’t even know who I am anymore!” (Unsmiley face ☹)

The day that I left my IPhone downstairs for 30 minutes was the day I realized that I was in a toxic relationship. I decided to take a step back and slow things down. I realized that my business and my life were being dictated by this small, smart, little piece of innovative technology and it had to be stopped. My “To Do” list needs to be created by me, not by my inbox. If I do not get a response to my queries within 24 hours, 48 hours or EVER, this does not mean that I should become offended or deem myself a loser. It is time to lay down that law in this relationship and make my IPhone my bitch…NOT the other way around.


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