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Which Program Is Right For You?

Is This Right For You?

The Spotlight Elite Program

This is our Premium Speaking Business Development Program.  We only offer this program to those who are truly serious about developing a seven figure business.  For those of you who’ve ever dreamed about working with high profile people, traveling to amazing destinations, while speaking on stages, making great money and transforming the lives of your audience, this is the program for you.


It does require a special kind of person.  Success requires dedication, passion and commitment!  If you are willing to put in the time, make the connections and have a real passion for what you do, then please read further and see what this program offers.  This is a full year long program that literally PUTS YOU ON STAGE!  Due to the massive amount of support, implementation and opportunities that we provide in this program, we only put 40 people in this program per year.

Spotlight Launch

What Is The Spotlight Launch Program?

Spotlight Launch is our 90-Day visibility program.  This program takes you from zero to sixty in only 90 days.  This program is for those of you who have a clear message and need to get seen quickly. We tap you into our networks AND the networks of those who have the ability to get you on their stages.  However, since we will be introducing you to our network and because they trust our judgement, this program is by application only.  Get seen and heard quickly with our 90-Day Spotlight Launch Visibility Program.

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Spotlight Mastermind

What Is The Spotlight Mastermind Program?

Strategies, new ideas and feedback are the missing ingredients in any successful business.  This mastermind will give you a community of like minded speakers who are dedicated to sharing their wisdom, challenges and support so that everyone in the community will grow and prosper.  You can only get so far all by yourself and speakers always need feedback and support.  In this group we will explore speaking challenges, marketing and presentation ideas, share where the speaking opportunities may be and give and receive valuable feedback.

Is This Right For You?