What Does Social Media & A 1975 Dodge Dart Have In Common?

//What Does Social Media & A 1975 Dodge Dart Have In Common?

What Does Social Media & A 1975 Dodge Dart Have In Common?

My first car was a 1975 Dodge Dart. It was a big ol’ boat that barely got me from point A to point B. Years ago, while happily driving down the road, I was suddenly pulled over by Mr. Policeman…since I was not wearing my seatbelt. Officer Grumpy Face put me in the back of his police car, which seemed ludicrous to me because I’m not a hazard to society and let’s face it, it was a seatbelt infraction. The officer was obviously having a bad day and lucky me I was his whipping post. I found the situation to be unfair so I took the risk and finally said, “Look officer, I was driving without my seatbelt on, you caught me and now I deserve a ticket. Nothing else.” Not stopping there I decided to say more. “I’ll pay my ticket and take my lumps…hey that’s life in the fast lane.” The officer slowly put down his clipboard, turned to look at me with the most serious face that I have ever seen. I thought to myself “Oops!” He then said one sentence that I will never forget. He said, “Look lady, in a 1975 Dodge Dart…you are NOT in the fast lane.” I was shocked for a moment and then I couldn’t hold it in, I burst into laughter. Thankfully, so did he. I didn’t get a ticket but I did get a valuable lesson on what the fast lane truly is.

What does this have to do with social media? Well not much, but it does segue nicely into my point: social media IS the fast lane. It is the fastest way to get your message from point A to point B, period! Therefore not having a thriving presence here is like driving around in a 1975 Dodge Dart!

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