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What Is A VIP Day?

A VIP day is one where people get together and work full steam ahead on a focused project or goal for a set period of time – generally 1 to 3 days.  Now… drilling down to even more basics, what does VIP Stand for? Well, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it stands for Very Important Person and means a person who is very important or famous.

Most people these days use the term sometimes as meaning simply Very Important and well when they are not referring to it as a person.  In the online world of business, you will see companies offer special workshops, seating, deals and more, and call them a VIP Deal or VIP Day or VIP workshop… you get the idea. They are extra special.  So when a business offers their clients a VIP Day or a VIP Intensive, they are looking tom offer that client something extra special. For business coaches and consultants, their VIP Days are generally a dedicated day of work intended to get results by focusing on a set goal within a set period of time.

When we do a VIP, an entire day is set aside to work on a specific project or goal. So, in my mind, not only does it make it a Very Important Day, but it is also meant to focus on that Very Important Person – The Client.

The reason people have so much success with VIP days is that the time is dedicated time spent on a focused topic. You really understand how multi-tasking and day to day interruptions can take away from a project when you experience one of these days.


There are three big benefits to doing a VIP Day and they all revolve around time. Time is huge in business, for entrepreneurs it is your biggest resource and VIP days help you use it wisely.

Benefit One

Time to Focus on the Goal of the Day

Time to Focus on the Goal of the Day. There should be no distractions permitted and specific start and break times during the day. This is critical to making the day effective.  Often times the reality of life and work get in the way – even if you are someone who manages their calendar well, trying to accomplish set goals over a period of time when you can only allot 30 min here and there will mean a backlog in the project. When I did a 3-day mastermind with colleagues, we had set break and meal times, and if we were not on that break time then we were working. And yes, we scheduled in fun time too!

Benefit Two

Time to Create Action Steps

Time to Create Action Steps. You may need a plan and a schedule to take you through from the VIP day to put in action and complete the work started. VIP Days are often done in a way to allow for time to make that action plan and even set a schedule for it – for the people who will create and implement the steps needed. This means you can finish the day knowing how to keep progress happening on your project or goal. For some people, this is something that also gets accomplished during the VIP Day.

Benefit Three

Time To Engage And Get Results

Time To Engage And Get Results. A VIP Day offers you the ability to work uninterrupted and you can accomplish much more as well as having time to dig deeper into your plans.  This permits you to be more engaged in the work and usually new ideas will be the reward.  VIP Days are all about time… and using this time to propel forward at a faster pace than if you were to work on a project piecemeal. You get at it and get the work done, no matter what side of the ‘day’ you are on!

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What Is The Process?

There are four steps that we go through during a VIP Day experience.  

Your Custom Business Assessment

We will spend 1- 2 hours going over every aspect of your business and business goals. This is so that we have a clear vision of where you are right now and where you want to go.  During this process we discover what are your primary assets, where you may be experiencing any missing revenue streams as well as strengths, weaknesses and roadblocks.

Uncover Your Business Goals

Now that we have a clear understanding of where you are, we will lay out both your long and your short term business goals. That includes: clarity of your messages, clarity of your offers, and clarity of your overall business practices.  This takes approximately 1 hour.


It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. For the next 2 – 3 hours we will be implementing and executing your specific action items that need to be addressed or created.  That could entail: setting up technology, crafting offers, creating content, or sharpening any other skills that you may need assistance with.

Ongoing Actions

Before we part ways for the day, we will carve out 45 minutes to 1 hour to craft your ongoing action plan and action items.  This will include: support you will need, people you may need to hire, content that you will need to create and actions steps that will lead you towards your overall business goals.

The Investment

Half Day VIP

A Half Day VIP is 4 hours in length and we go over the entire 4-Step process within that time frame.

Investment: $997

Full Day VIP

A Full Day VIP is 8 hours in length which includes a 1 hour lunch break. It  also goes over the entire 4-Step process within that time frame.

Investment: $1500

Additional VIP Days’

If your project requires additional time, to complete, the investment is as follows:

Additional Half Day Investment: $700    Additional Full Day Investment: $997

How To Get Started

If you would like to fast track your success and engage in one of our VIP Day opportunities, all you need to do is the following:

  • You will be asked to make a $249 non-refundable deposit.
  • Remainder of the payment is due at the beginning of first day of your VIP experience.
  • If you need to reschedule your day(s) you may do so without charge
  • or penalty if it is done within 3 business days.
  • VIP Days’ can be done virtually or on location.
  • If you require an on location VIP Day, travel charges will apply if the location is outside of Calgary Alberta Canada.
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