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The Capture and Collect Instructions


Get a pen, some sticky notes and set aside 30 – 60 minutes of focused time.

The Steps

1.  You probably have more content created than you already know. It is a matter of distilling it down into an organized and focused manner that your audience can easily digest.

  • Do you have any note pads that you write your ideas in? If so go and gather them together at this point.
  • Do you have word documents on your computer where you may have half written books, topics, blogs, articles or any other content created?
  • Do you keep article snippets out of newspapers or magazines?

2.  Think about anywhere that you may have content that directly or even indirectly relates to your chosen topic.
Now put all of that content together in one space and begin to skim it over allowing any ideas to percolate or develop. Have a pen and paper or your computer near by to take notes. Spend about 15 – 20 minutes organizing this information once you have it all pulled together. Once you have done your capture and collect we will move onto mind mapping. The capture and collect exercise gives you lots of
juicy ideas to put into your mind map. Without this first process you might find yourself stumped for ideas.

3.  What ideas did you generate with the Capture and Collect?  (Write down anything that has come to mind.)

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