Stop Screaming…I Can’t Hear You!

//Stop Screaming…I Can’t Hear You!

Stop Screaming…I Can’t Hear You!

By Jacki McLenaghan

There is the mantra that is being spread throughout the small business community and it goes like this…

“It has never been easier to reach large groups of people through social media!”


That was true in the beginning, BUT, in the information age things move fast.

In the beginning there was not as many people vying for attention but now everyone is on social media…EVEN YOUR MOTHER. (Sorry mom, I love you)

You can have a list of thousands but that does not mean that you have an ENGAGED list.

World famous author and blogger Seth Godin has written a book called “The Purple Cow” and it is a great read for anyone who is looking to stand out in the crowd.

And this is the new norm…social media is the crowd.

So the question becomes, “How do I stand out?” NOT “How do I yell louder?”

I am grateful to be able to help small business owners succeed and realize their sales and marketing goals. This is in fact why I have chosen to write this (hopefully humorous) yet slightly controversial blog post. I want people to share content that matters. I want people to share content that showcases their unique personality and brands. But most importantly I want people to share content that creates value.

This takes effort! Sorry but it’s true. There is no getting around the fact that proper use of social media takes some type of investment in either time for content creation or monetary investment for hiring professional help. And if anyone ever needed professional help…it’s me 😉

I believe that rule makers make rule breakers…(remember this is only my opinion). That being said I am going to break my own rule by sharing my personal rule of thumb around social media. (That made a lot more sense in my own mind…)

Social Media Rules of Thumb For Maximum Engagement

1. Know your own personality vibes. If you are a person who enjoys humour, then showcase that. If you are a more serious cat, then show us your wise and serious style. (Speaking of cats…it is ALWAYS OK to share cat videos…People dig that S#$%^T! awwww….

2. The posting pattern that generally works the best uses this formula: 90% of your posts should be entertaining or educational and 10% can be promotional. BUT…even when you are being promotional, please be creative and value forward. Give first and ask for reciprocity never.

3. Don’t jump on a hot thread just to promote what you do. (EG. Sally is inviting people to her workshop and people are commenting back and forth. This is not the time to swoop in and start promoting what it is that you offer. It does not get you anywhere. People have a very fine tuned B.S. meter and they know what you are up to.

4. Care about other people! Be liberal with your comments. If you like it then tell them. People are posting on social media for the same reason that you are…they want people to engage with them.

5. Be value forward and real. When you are offering your workshop, classes and services that is perfectly fine but always remember that people will engage with what THEY want not what you think that they Need! As always, show your value.

6. And above all remember this: Social media is not a selling tool, it is a way to begin, nurture and develop real life, personal and business relationships. Forgetting that will always lead to failure.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and if you would like to grab yourself a free copy of our social media success kit. Click Here for immediate access.

Jacki McLenaghan is the owner of Pure Potentials a Sales and Marketing Training and Implementation company. To learn more visit www.purepo.wpengine.com

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