Speaking Opportunities You May Be Missing

By Jacki McLenaghan

How can YOU get more speaking opportunities. If you are trying to build your speaking business, this is a question I’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times.

The only problem is…. it’s the wrong question!

The right question is: How can I monetize my speaking business?

This might sound similar, and you may be accusing me silently of semantics. BUT, I assure you that the subtleties in the question are the difference between success and failure.

Many people think to themselves that if they could get more speaking opportunities and get in front of more people, that they would make more money.

Sounds reasonable right?

Well guess what, this is not a guaranteed truth. I’ve seen many great speakers give spectacular, presentations that fail to make enough money to inspire a homeless person to get out of bed.

Okay that may be a bit of an exaggeration but the fact remains that if you don’t know what speaking opportunities you’re missing out on and more importantly WHY you are missing them, then you will never understand how to build a strategy that will ensure financial profit from using your greatest gift…your speaking.

Having worked with both actors and speakers for almost 20 year, I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making money using public speaking.

And three things that I know for sure are:

If you are only getting one or two paid engagements per year, that’s not enough…even if they pay you $2000 per gig. Obviously no paid speaking opportunities is worse, and I didn’t really didn’t need to point that out. (Okay maybe I did)

If you are not utilizing your speaking every single week, you are missing out on revenue. Yup, you need to be speaking in some capacity EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

If you don’t have a strategy and don’t know what opportunities that you’re currently missing, obviously you won’t find the opportunities…BUT if you do happen to stumble upon them, you may risk blowing it or leaving money on the table.

So how do you….

  • Get more speaking opportunities
  • Speak every single week
  • Monetize your speaking opportunities in a multitude of ways?

Well I’d love to tell you in a couple of sentences but as any intelligent person knows, quick fixes don’t work. Generating revenue from your speaking is not for the faint of heart. It’s not the lackadaisical, and uninspired who get on stage and share their passions with an audience. It is those people with a fire in their bellies and the absolute will to never give up, who want to motivate and inspire others to live their very best lives, who make the best speakers.

If you are the latter then I encourage you to join me for a 19 min podcast where we will go over:

  • What speaking opportunities that you are missing?
  • Why you are missing them?
  • And How to ensure success with your speaking business!


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