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Join The Speakers Resource Portal

The Speakers Resource Portal is a members only area which allows you to tap into a library of resources on how to build your speaking opportunities into your business.  It is also a promotional opportunity where we will showcase your speaking skills to event promoters.

In this portal you will receive:

Video Trainings, Ebooks, Online Courses, Templates and Downloads.

These resources are geared towards helping you get more speaking opportunities, make more sales from stage, fill your events, create videos and content, and sharpen your speaking skills.

You Will Also Receive:

  • Speakers Profile Page on our website ($40 Value)
  • Monthly Promotion To Event Planners ($40 Value)
  • Monthly Live Q & A Webcasts ($125 Value)
  • Growing library of courses and content (Value $846)

Get all this for only $39.99 month!

You may cancel at anytime without penalties

Join The Speakers Resource Portal

Library of Resources Includes:

  • How To Get More Speaking Gigs – Full Report
  • Video Production Tools and Techniques
  • How To Read & Win Over Your Audience 
  • How To Do Green Screen Video Work
  • The Tools Your Need To Create An Online Course
  • Getting Exposure With Facebook Ads
  • Press Release Templates
  • 29 Tips To Improve Your Speaking Skills
  • Body Language Tips
  •  How To Build Your Speaking Media Kit
  • Camera Charisma 101
  • What is a speaker funnel and why you need it
  • How To Maximize Your Tradeshow Opportunities
  • Video Creation Strategy Course
  • Video Distribution Strategy Course
  • How To Fill Your Events (Event Filling Formula)
  • How to Get Extreme Exposure
  • Personality Marketing Techniques
Join The Speakers Resource Portal