Why is Social Media so important?

Let’s Talk

Social Media is the only method out there that allows clients and prospects to directly interact with your company.  In other words, they can talk back to you.  This can be a scary thought.  “What if there’s backlash?”  No one wants someone slamming them in public and allowing for others to comment on your site makes that risk real…or does it?  True, there will always be haters (urban slang for pessimists) and there will be no pleasing these people no matter what you do, but there have been far more cases of unhappy people posting on platforms for valid reasons and this allows for the company owner to make things right IN PUBLIC!  There are thousands upon thousands of cases where a disgruntled client posts on a company Facebook page and the company answers back and makes things right.  People notice that and will respect your company even more.  This has been statistically proven, time and time again.  Good clients know that everyone makes a mistake now and again, but a great leader takes responsibility and fixes it.  If you ask me, and you are because you’re reading this book, this seems like a brilliant opportunity to sharpen those leadership skills and gain new loyal followers.

The Flip Side

And now for the flip side of the coin: pleased customers can post happy comments on your sites as well!  This is like getting testimonials without even asking.  It works both ways.  But most importantly, if you are not on social media, the good and the bad comments will happen without you.  It is far better that you are part of the conversation and have an opportunity engage directly, than to have people simply talking about your company.

Time to Party!

Do you remember in high school when your parents were away and you decided to have that big party?  You invited a few close friends and they invited a few close friends and then more kids came and more and more and more until you knew you were in really big trouble.  Well, at your social media party, there is no limit to the number of people you want to invite.  You want your friends to invite their friends and so on, and so on, and so on.  (If you caught the Wella Balsam reference, you are old, well over 40 anyway.)

You are the best party in town and everyone needs to know that.  Social media will get you there as long as you are a good host.
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