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What Is A Road-Map Session

Your Speakers Success Road-Map Session Is A Proven Process To Help You Discover What Is Missing In Your Speaking Business And Create A Solid Action Plan For Success.

This process will allow you to:

Get More Speaking Gigs

Understand How To Develop Your Six or Even Seven Figure Business

Grow Your Influence And Brand

Build Out Your Road-Map Towards Success

Your Speakers Road-Map goes over the 6 pillars of Speaking Business Success

Speaking Skills

Speaking Skills

Do you have the right speaking skills? We go over an assessment of your speaking skills and determine how and where you are really strong as a speaker and where you may need some help. As an example, many brilliant presenters can have difficulties with the selling component of their presentations and need some performance guidance in this area. We cover aspects such as nerves, charisma, and technique.

Speaking Opportunities

Speaking Opportunities

Where are the speaking opportunities? Getting great speaking opportunities starts with knowing who should be in your audience. We go through a process to determine who your ideal target audience is and make some great recommendations to easily access them. We also have a list of current speaking opportunities that you may not have previously been aware of.

Speakers Marketing Tools

Speakers Marketing Tools

Do you have all of the marketing tools that a speaker needs to grow their influence? During this process we assess what you currently have, how it is performing and what you may need to include to expand your reach and build influence in your industry. You may have the best product, service or message, but no one will buy from you or book you if they don’t know that you exist!

Speaker Content Essentials

Speaker Content Essentials?

Do you know what the speakers content essentials are and do you have all of them? We assess the content pieces that you currently have and determine what is missing in your toolbox. Examples would be, do you have all of the different types of speeches and presentations that you require? Do you have a proper press kit, bio, attendee ad sheet, etc?

Speakers Tools, Support And Resources

Speakers Tools, Support And Resources

What tech tools does a speaker really need? It’s easy to get lost and taken advantage of in the sea of confusion which is today’s technology world. Many speakers, coaches and business owners are vulnerable in this area because they do not know what they actually need and quite often less is more. We also provide you with a list of resources and support.

Missing Revenue Streams

Missing Revenue Streams

Many speakers have additional revenue streams at their very fingertips that they are not even aware of. We help you discover what those missing streams may be and how you can increase your potential earnings as a speaker, coach or business owner This could include guidance on building out online programs, books, telesummits, keynote presentations, or workshops, just to name a few.

What Is The Process?

There is a Four Part Process To The Speakers Success Road-Map System.  See below for details:

Immediately after you sign up for your Road-Map, you will be sent two electronic assessments. Once completed, a copy of your answers goes to you and a second copy goes directly to us. This allows us to get to know you, your business and your needs a little more clearly before we have our Deep Dive Session. We have also found that this process allows you to gain your own clarity on what you may need in your business.

In 2 hours or less, we collect as much information from you as we can. We go over the assessments that you did online and we then complete a one on one clarity session with you to refine your answers and determine your goals.

You will leave this call with your quick launch next action steps guide. This is as list of goals, and actions that you can begin immediately.

After gathering all of your information together and having our call, our team puts together your complete Road-Map Action Guide and Strategy Report. This is a full report of everything that you must have or do to achieve your goals for the year.

We want you to be a success. Therefor we understand that you will need to have a follow up session to see how your Road-Map is currently performing for you and if you need to make any tweaks to it. This session is 45 minutes in length and will ensure that you are on the road to speaking business success!

The Road-Map Session Is Only $249 usd

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