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Phase 2 – Strategy

Now that you know who your ideal clients are and what their pain points might be, it’s time for you to develop your strategy (you may even like to call it YOUR FUNNEL)

Below you will find an info graphic that details the components that you need to build your funnel.  Each component will include some swipe copy that you will get in the next phase which is all about creating content.

Marketing RoadMap

The Lead Magnet

The starting point of your strategy is something called a Lead Magnet or some people will call it and Attraction Magnet.  This is designed for the purpose of getting cold leads into your funnel, warming them up and turning them into prospect.  (It’s fun trust me!)  A lead magnet is something of value that you give away for free to your leads in exchange for their contact information.  This may give you a woozy feeling in your stomach as you envision the multitude of spammers who have gotten your email address in this way and have NOT provided you with value.  Lead Magnets are only effective when they are done with integrity.  Let that sinking feeling go and realize you DO need one.  Lead Magnets are things like free reports, webinars, free consults, free products, whitepapers, ebooks, video training’s etc.

Tips for creating a great lead magnet: