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Apply To Be A Club Leader

If you are looking to get more exposure and build your authority as a leader in your industry, you may want to consider becoming a Speakers Club Leader in you area.

Would you like to lead one of our Public Speakers Club Chapters?

The Pure Potentials Public Speakers Club is an International Speaking Organization that allows speakers, biz owners or anyone who has a message to share, a platform to sharpen those skills and share that message.

Apply To Be A Club Leader!

What are the benefits of leadership?

Our leaders get some great benefits that help them stand out and gain visibility and exposure while building authority in their communities.

  • Leaders are in charge of facilitating the monthly Club Meetings
  • Leaders are permitted to give their own 5 minute presentation at each meeting
  • Pure Potentials will teach you how to secure an appropriate venue
  • Pure Potentials markets the clubs and the monthly events (AKA get people in the room)


  • We give our leaders some cash! All Club leaders and the leadership team will receive a portion of their clubs membership sales.
  • We offer a Monthly Mastermind with all of the other group leaders. (This is a great way to create even more global recognition
  • Monthly group leader training
  • We give our leaders all of the tools and templates to run the Clubs
  • A leader and event ad in our monthly “Speaker Magazine” which is distributed virtually and as well in a hard copy
  • We put your profile page on our website
  • Two FREE tickets to one of our Pure Potentials Speakers Retreats per year
  • On stage time at the Speakers Retreat to allow us to showcase you and your mad skills, even further
  • A 30-Min time slot on our podcast every quarter (Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!)
  • A featured sponsorship on our Meetup site! Did I mention Exposure 😉
  • Each leader has the opportunity to have one of their own events posted on our meetup page each month
  • We give a complimentary promo table to each one of our leaders should they want to showcase their products or services.
  • Administrative access to the club Facebook group!
  • We promote your services to our members! All we ask is that you give a discount to the members for first time access to your products or services. This is a great way to gain trust, provide value and get new lifelong clients.
Apply To Be A Club Leader!

Leadership Monetary Perks:

  • Leaders receive a 20% commission on every new member that joins
  • Leaders will receive a percentage of all at door Speakers Club drop in admissions (100% if collected at the door and 50% if we collect the fees online)
  • Leaders will receive a commission for any ad or sponsor sales that they are responsible for initiating

Being a leader for one of the clubs takes very little commitment yet gives huge promotional opportunities.

What we expect from our leaders?

  • Leaders must attend 75% of the meetings
  • When they can’t lead a meeting they must get one of the leadership team members to take their place for the event
  • Leadership Team is a year long commitment
  • Leaders are required to attend Leader Camp training before they are permitted to lead their first meeting
  • Each leader must attend one leader webinar per month (we have a couple per month to accommodate schedules.)
  • Each leader must post a minimum of once per month about the club on their social media sites. (Posting content will also be provided)
  • Each leader must mail out information about the club to their network a minimum of once per month. (Again some content will be provided)
  • Leaders must show commitment to the club by purchasing their yearly membership of only $249.00

Apply To Be A Part of The Public Speaker Club Leadership Team

We’ve had so many people raise their hands and ask to be the Club Leader in their areas and as you know, there is only one Leader per Club…(It’s Just Physics)

To offset this challenge we have a couple of solutions:

1.We have created a leadership team. This gives some great benefits and perks

2.You can apply to open a Club in a location in which we are currently not located.

Benefits of Being A Part Of The Leadership Team:

  •  3% signing bonus for each new member
  • On Stage Recognition by the Club Leader At Each Meeting
  • Leadership Team Group Mastermind Calls
  • Two FREE tickets to one of our Pure Potentials Speakers Retreats per year
  • On stage time at the Speakers Retreat to allow us to showcase you and your mad skills, even further.

(Leadership team members must also attend a min of 75% of the yearly club meetings, and they must also show commitment by purchasing their annual club membership.)

There is no cost to be a part of the Speakers Club Leadership Team

If this incredible opportunity seems right for you

The next step is to fill out an application form and go through a short interview with myself or one of my team members!

Apply To Be Part Of The Leadership Team!