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Joseph L. Gleason: Owner, Gleason Financial Group, LLC

Joseph Gleason learned about ethics from his grandfather in Byron, Illinois, a small farming community with 2,000 residents. His grandfather, Tom Wells, sold animal feed to farmers and used to bring Joe and his twin brother, Tadd, along on sales calls when they were children.

“Grandpa Wells would ask his customers about their farms and their families. Then he’d assess their need for his products,” Joe recalls. “I learned from him that being in sales is about trying to help people — and if you can’t, being honest and saying so.”

Joe continues to apply his grandfather’s lessons in his own business, Gleason Financial Group. The practice specializes in income and retirement planning.

Operating together, the two businesses take a comprehensive approach to managing clients’ finances. “The financial side and tax side of the operation work hand in hand, so we are able to leave no stone unturned,” explains Joe. “By specializing in both areas, we can avoid the classic problem of a client’s financial planner not communicating with their tax planner. We’re also able to develop tax efficient income strategies for our clients,” he adds.

When Joe moved to Arizona in 2005, he brought with him the small-town approach to business he learned growing up in Byron. Utilizing comprehensive fact finding, he gets to know clients by identifying their retirement goals. Then through extensive research and planning, Mr. Gleason develops a customized financial plan for each client.

Joe doesn’t think in terms of pitching products. Instead, he focuses on doing the right things, the right way. “I really do want to help people, and I take the time to forge strong relationships with my clients,” he says.

While establishing relationships is important to Joe, maintaining them is, too. He makes it a point to meet with clients at least once a year and keeps a strict open-door policy. “I want my clients to feel comfortable approaching me with any of their concerns,” Joe says. “My clients know they’ll have an ally when it comes to navigating the financial waters.”

Joe was the National Ethics Bureau’s Member of the Month and supports local charities such as St. Mary’s Food Bank, Eve’s Place, and The Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) by hosting and participating in various philanthropic events. His wife of 17 years, Janette, acts as the marketing and customer education specialist for his two businesses. The couple enjoys movies, Chicago Cubs baseball, and being a Father of their three children.

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