Do You Even Know Who I Am?

By Jacki McLenaghan

I work in the speaking and coaching industry and have met a variety of presenters who are all on different points of their career paths. 80% of these lovely people keep their heads appropriately on their shoulders and do NOT have them firmly shoved up their Asses.

But ahhhhh, then there is that unique 20%.

They are the egomaniacs and the positioners who exist in all industries and you can probably think of a few that you know right now. On the bright side, they are the ones that give so much life and fader to all of our stories.

However, to be fair, in an industry where people spend time and money to hear you speak, we walk that razors edge between being helpful and slipping off into the land of “Know-it-alledness.”

Famous author and speaker, John Grey, (Men are from Mars) was once giving a speech where he received a standing ovation. This left him feeling elated and almost God-Like. After the presentation, still high from his success, he returned home to his loving wife who immediately said, “You need to take out the garbage.”

With slight shock he quickly responded, “I can’t take out the garbage. Do you even know who I am?” With an equally quick yet confident response, she flatly stated, “I don’t care who you are, you’re still taking out the garbage.”

Giving himself a quick mental check, he realized that he had gone to the dark side and he needed to return to the light. The ego becomes inflated when we take a singular success and deem it as our entirety. In other words, we stop utilizing fresh eyes and a beginner’s mindset.

Did you know that the 3 most deadly words in the English language are “I know that?” When you feel that you have nothing left to learn in a certain area or that you are above learning from those who maybe haven’t accomplished as much as you have, it is a very limited position that you’ve placed yourself.

But if we’re being honest, we’ve all done that very thing at some points in our lives. We are human beings and it’s in our nature to store information quickly and endeavor to move on to the next.

But what about those mental checks?

The people that I first mentioned here, you know, the ones with their heads correctly placed anatomically? Although they do reach higher pinnacles of achievement, their success goes so much farther than just fame or fortune. The stand out piece of this equation is that people actually want to be around them. To state the obvious, they are way more delightful. They know how to share their wisdom and knowledge but also to listen to the nuances and subtleties of those that they encounter.

They build depth and richness into what they already know while empowering others.

When we give ourselves mental checks we balance equally between giving and receiving. And let’s face it; we’re just so much more fun to hang around with.

This year I plan on doing two major things…..

First and foremost, I will stay true to my mission of sharing with others but also accepting their knowledge and support. In other words, keep those mental checks going.

Secondly, I plan on spending more of my precious time here on earth with those authentic people who are brave enough to truly experience success in all areas of their lives by learning, sharing and growing.

Who you spend your time with is one of your greatest predictors of success.

If you are a speaker, author or coach who wants to connect with other delightful souls, I recommend checking out our upcoming speakers retreat. It is a glorious 3-day learning, sharing and connection event for anyone who is a speaker or who uses speaking in their businesses.   The people are great, the information is amazing and we also want you to share your story with us at this event.




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