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4 Session Private Coaching Package

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Step One
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What Is The Process

This package is 4 hours in length and is broken down into 4 different sessions.  In between each session there are activities, goals and objectives that we must complete.
Investment:  $997

Step One

Custom Deep Dive Assessment

We will spent 1 – 2 hours going over every aspect of your business and business goals.  This is where we develop a clear vision of where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.  During this process we discover your primary assets, where you may be experiencing any missing revenue streams, how you can get on more stages and gain more exposure, as well as your current strengths, weaknesses and roadblocks.

Your Unique Business Goals

Now that we will have a clear understanding of where you are, we will ay out both your long and your short term business goals.  This includes: your clarity of message, the clarity of your offers, your signature speech, and clarity of your overall business practices.


It’s now time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  In this session we will be implementing and executing your specific action items that need to be addressed or created.  This could entail: setting up technology, crafting offers, creating content or sharpening any other skills that you may need assistance with.

Ongoing Actions

Before we part ways for our final session we will craft your ongoing action plan and action items.  This will include: support that you will need, people that you may need to hire, content that you will need to create and actions steps that will lead you towards your overall business goals.  

Investment: $997

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