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Would You Like To Be A Successful Coach And Trainer?

Certified Coaches Enjoy…

    • Flexibility To Live Life On Your Terms!
  • A Career Filled With Passion And Purpose!
  • The Ability To Have A Massive Impact On Others!
  • Financial Freedom By Being Part Of One Of The Most Lucrative Industries In The World!
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What Is The Pure Potentials Certified Trainer Program?

This program was developed by Pure Potentials Seminars which is an International Training Company for coaching, mentoring and leadership development.

The Pure Potentials Certified Trainer Program (PPCP) is a 10-Week program comprised of 10 training modules and a final supervised practicum that will show you how to integrate the lessons from each module into your lucrative coaching and training practice.  The PPCP meets all academic requirements and code of ethics for becoming a Certified Master Coach (CMC) in accordance with the guidelines of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

The Program:

Pure Potentials has used our years of professional training experience and our proprietary 6-Pillars System as basis for development of this unique coaching certification program.

The 10 Modules of this program provide you with a step-by-step training to help you learn the skills required to become a successful Pure Potentials coach and further develop your problem solving skills, increase your critical thinking and develop creative solutions for your clients.  The PPCP certification is also an asset to enhance other coaches existing coaching programs.

The Method

Once you become a part of this program you will receive immediate access to our Certified Coach Training Portal.  You will also develop and receive the following:

You Will:

  • Learn the Six Pillars of building a successful speaking business
  • Learn to teach the Six Pillars to your clients
  • Practice your skills on real clients as a part of our curriculum
  • Receive white labeled usage of our Pure Potentials Proprietary training and marketing materials.  (This means access to a wide range of coaching tools and exercises to support your clients with.)
  • We will give you press and promotion through our networks and channels
  • We will offer you step-by-step support and guidance to gain wider exposure and access to new clients
  • We will teach you how to confidently sell yourself and your services
  • We will help you outline your unique goals and build your business plan
  • We will give you ACTUAL PAYING CLIENTS!
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Listen To What Some Of Our Raving Fans Had To Say!

Wanda Baader

This program has been a life saver for me. I never knew all of the components that I needed to grow a speaking business. I was finally able to convert my signature speech into real sales!

Al Jensen

After I joined this program and started using some of the tools and techniques, I was able to make a profit of $5000 at my very next event.

Victoria Steele

Thank you so much for all that you and this program have done to help me. In my capacity as Senator, I’m speaking several times a day so I’m getting lots of practice buyt your advice and loving guidance on crafting my core story helps me every single time. It allows me to remain authentic in my life and in everything that I do. You are a blessing!

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