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A Lesson In Bird Poop

By | 2016-10-17T11:16:52-06:00 May 28th, 2014|Upcoming News|

A Lesson In Bird Poop! By Jacki McLenaghan For those of you who have careers and children, you know that the morning hustle and bustle can be an overwhelming and stressful time. There are always a zillion things that need to be done, AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME! You have to plan for any [...]

Are YOU A Diamond In The Rough?

By | 2016-10-17T11:16:52-06:00 February 24th, 2014|Upcoming News|

It has been recently discovered that a human being’s physical body can be converted into a diamond. At death, if you so choose, your remains can be compressed so tightly that the outcome is a sparkly Gemstone that your friends or family can proudly wear. When I first heard that this could happen it struck [...]

Is Traditional Networking DEAD?

By | 2016-10-17T11:16:52-06:00 February 13th, 2014|Upcoming News|

IS TRADITIONAL NETWORKING DEAD? For several years I have been gathering data on the networking process and how it affects business owners. I did this through attending and joining many different networking groups and eventually starting my own club. During this investigation period, I have gathered some fascinating data and glaring realizations. I would like [...]


By | 2016-10-17T11:16:52-06:00 January 27th, 2014|Upcoming News|

Why is Social Media so important? Let’s Talk Social Media is the only method out there that allows clients and prospects to directly interact with your company.  In other words, they can talk back to you.  This can be a scary thought.  “What if there’s backlash?”  No one wants someone slamming them in public and [...]

What Does Social Media & A 1975 Dodge Dart Have In Common?

By | 2016-10-17T11:16:53-06:00 January 24th, 2014|Upcoming News|

My first car was a 1975 Dodge Dart. It was a big ol’ boat that barely got me from point A to point B. Years ago, while happily driving down the road, I was suddenly pulled over by Mr. Policeman...since I was not wearing my seatbelt. Officer Grumpy Face put me in the back of [...]

How do you know when to hold on and when to let go?

By | 2014-01-21T15:32:31-07:00 January 21st, 2014|Upcoming News|

There once was a mountain climber who became separated from the rest of his group while they were making their way back down a mountain. Terrified and alone, he trekked on making his way slowly inch-by-inch. Now surely this brave climber was going to make it because, as you know, “slow and steady wins the [...]