Are YOU A Diamond In The Rough?

//Are YOU A Diamond In The Rough?

Are YOU A Diamond In The Rough?

It has been recently discovered that a human being’s physical body can be converted into a diamond. At death, if you so choose, your remains can be compressed so tightly that the outcome is a sparkly Gemstone that your friends or family can proudly wear.

When I first heard that this could happen it struck me odd and a little creepy. In school we are taught which compounds are present within a human body and that if broken down into raw molecules, we would only be worth a few dollars. But with this new procedure we can go from being materially worthless to holding far higher financial value.

The steps involved for this “memorial diamond” transformation begins with the purification of the physical elements, aka removing any contaminants from the carbon. Once this has happened, extreme heat is applied to the carbon until it morphs into graphite. This graphite can now be placed into a diamond press, which applies enormous amounts of pressure and heat. The graphite starts to break down and turn into individual atoms. These atoms begin to crystalize and turn into a rough diamond. At the optimum crystallization point the molecules bond together and form a pattern found only in a natural diamond.

From start to completion the process takes roughly 9 months. Hmmmm interesting, that’s the same as the gestation period of a human being.

The ethics and morality of this process is widely up for debate but that is not what we are here to discuss today. I drew this topic as I could not help but see the amazing correlation between memorial diamonds and the process of leadership.

For far longer than these Gem-making companies have existed we have been comparing human beings to diamonds. “She is a real Gem” or “He is a diamond in the rough.” Deep down inside of ourselves we know that there is the possibility for growth, expansion, shine and brilliance.

Another interesting little fact is that a diamond in its natural form will grow in all directions. As human beings, we too are naturally designed for growth. We also like to build things. When we are children we design with blocks, rocks or Lego. As we mature, we construct homes, careers and lives. It is a never-ending process of seeing what we can build next. We do this because building is simply the art of creation and we are creators.

One of our greatest building tools is story. We love stories. Stories give us hope, inspiration and insight. They stem directly from our experiences. It is our experiences that define us and it is also our greatest gift to others.

When you share you build up not only yourself but you also build others. We do not have to apply heat, pressure or stress to become a diamond in life.

My vision is to see a world where leaders build and inspire leaders: a place where success is readily available to everyone in the form in which they would like to see it.

I believe that to do this an action must be taken and that is how not only my business came to be, but also how the creation of the new web show “Leaders Building Leaders” was born.

The purpose of this new project is about using our gifts of wisdom and experience to help create a world full of people who care and want to see others achieve success, health and abundance.

We are currently looking for those with a message to join us as our guest speakers. This show is an inspirational weekly 30-minute web show called “Leaders Building Leaders” where our guests will give tips, techniques and insights on how you can design your dream life, body or business.

If you would like to be a speaker on our show please contact us at admin@purepotentials.com

The first show will air March 1st 2014

In our raw form we are simply potential, but by sharing we can now emerge as diamonds.

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