A Winding Path

//A Winding Path

A Winding Path

As human beings we like to categorize people, places and things (basically any noun related item) but that leaves us with a very incomplete picture of what is actually going on.

I do not know of any successful business owner who did not look a little chaotic, scattered and unfocused at some point in their careers. Yet many people only notice the over night (“10 year”) success. During those very foundational 10 years, the now successful business owner has had to accumulate that decade of experience and piece them together in a new, unique and completely individualized fashion.


Ah but alas there is a flip side…it is called the naysayer. These are the people who love to grab on to one aspect of who you are and refuse to see anything else. With a smile on their lips and sugar in their voice you can hear the subtle tones of disapproval. “You were doing this at one point, how can you now be doing that!?”

As a business owner it is your job to change and grow. What you are doing at this very moment in your career may look very different in 3 years.


I have been a theatre producer, performer, yoga teacher and eventually small business marketer. It is the accumulation of all of these experiences that have made me extremely good at what I do.

Don’t be afraid to change your course and use all aspects of your knowledge base to help shape an interesting and creative future and career.

Whether we like it or not we all walk a winding path and all of our experiences matter. They are our building blocks, our currency and our education. It is the accumulation of your experiences compose the uniqueness that is you

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