A Lesson In Bird Poop

//A Lesson In Bird Poop

A Lesson In Bird Poop

A Lesson In Bird Poop!
By Jacki McLenaghan

For those of you who have careers and children, you know that the morning hustle and bustle can be an overwhelming and stressful time. There are always a zillion things that need to be done, AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME! You have to plan for any upcoming meetings, make sure that the kids school and extracurricular activities are set, then there is the surprises “Oh sorry mom, didn’t I tell you that you needed to make a goodie for the bake sale?   And by the way…IT’S TODAY!”   The list goes on and on.

Run…hurry…we’re late! Ding…incoming email…AHHHHHHH!

At times you might feel like giving up. How can any one person get ahead in life when there is so much stress? Furthermore, having too many things happen to you all at once is no longer a rare occurrence, it is happening to everyone all of the time.
Hospitals and mental health professionals have been treating cases of stress and overwhelm for many decades now. Our short existence is being swept into the whirlwind of our fast paced modern world.

Sometimes it might take a surprise to get you to stop, think and maybe even laugh.

During my morning craziness, I finally got my son in the car and was gearing up to take him to school.

I backed out of my garage and I heard it before I saw it…THWAK! Then I saw it…gross…bird poop all over my windshield! A direct hit.

I’m sure that bird has been plotting against me for quite sometime. I’m sure he was waiting for me to back out so he could do his target practice on my nice clean car. I’m also sure that his buddies were up in surrounding trees waiting like a bunch of teenage boys, so that they too could have a hearty laugh at this prank.

My husband, who was just getting into his own car at this time, heard the commotion. He looked up and the shocked expression that appeared on his face only lasted for a brief moment before he and my 12 year old son doubled over in peals of laughter.

Not only did the bird and his friends delight in my disgusting misfortune but apparently, so did my son and his father.

I gave up. There was nothing more to do but to join in their jocularity and count myself as lucky. Instead of being upset that “yet one more thing has happened to me,” I decided to feel gratitude. I was grateful for the fun my family was having, I was grateful of the feeling of laughter in my own body, but most of all I was grateful that I was in my car and not walking when that bird decided to relieve himself from above.

In our lives we are going to have responsibilities and stress. We are going to feel like we should just pack it in and give up. We are going to wonder if we are making the right choices both personally and professionally and most of all we are going to make mistakes.


If we can feel gratitude for even the smallest things in life (like not getting hit with bird poop) then we can have a deeper, richer far more pleasant experiences.

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