3 Tips For DOMINATING With Your Content!

The number one reason that most business owners are struggling to gain exposure and brand awareness these days is simply because of one thing…

They do not have enough valuable, informative and entertaining content being delivered to their ideal clients on a consistent basis.

In today’s day and age, with so much readily available information at our fingertips, to get ahead you must be producing videos, blogs, podcasts and webinars, if you want to stand out.


With so much (not to be blunt but..) JUNK out there, you need to make your content COUNT!

You literally need to be producing high quality content on a daily basis if you want that significant advantage


It must reflect YOUR unique personality!

Wow! That can be a little intimidating and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. With some simple tips you can start your content creation domination today 🙂

3 Tips For DOMINATING With Your Content!

TIP 1: Get creative and find content every where

Where ever you are, what every you are doing, you have the ability to be making great content. In today’s market, we need to have our faces, names and brands out in front of as many people as we can at all times. Executive producer from Voice America Radio, Randall Libero say’s

“You must be media ready at all times.”

Take control of your brand by creating content that serves you. If you are at a networking event, taking photos and posting on your social media platforms can be an easy content creation activity. Take video snippets to use for a later time. You can ask happy clients or audience members for testimonials on the spot. One great app that I love is Imovie for Iphone. It gives you templates to make high quality videos straight from your phone in a very short period of time.

Don’t have an Iphone? Don’t worry. Video Show for Android is a great option.

Super Tip: Drinking? Leave the posting until morning 😉

TIP 2: Leverage your time and your content more effectively.

If you create a blog post, then turn it into a short video.  If you make a video then strip the audio and turn it into a podcast.  People love to consume your materials in a variety of different ways. Make sure that the content that you create fits within your over all strategy, is valuable to your audience and has some entertainment value.

On that note: Here is me trying to be funny for you….

Speakers Retreat

TIP 3: Get motivated and commit to sitting and creating every single day

This might be a cliche but it is truth. You must get yourself motivated to consistently be producing content that your clients would feel is valuable. People love content that is amusing, reminds us that life is short, surprises us, motivates us, inspires action or reveals a secret. When you get creative and motivated to make content for your tribe it can be very fun, satisfying and beneficial to everyone.

Super Tip: Get connected to get motivated

Being motivated often means that you must find a group to connect with. Several times per year, Pure Potentials put on the Pure Potentials Speakers Retreat. It is a great event where you not only work on developing content such as videos, blogs, podcasts and webinars, but you also meet great new connections that you can support and stay accountable to.


Learn More About The Pure Potentials Speakers Retreat

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