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Step 1

The Online Assessments

Immediately after you sign up for your Road-Map, you will be sent two electronic assessments. Once completed, a copy of your answers goes to you and a second copy goes directly to us. This allows us to get to know you, your business and your needs a little more clearly before we have our Deep Dive Session. We have also found that this process allows you to gain your own clarity on what you may need in your business.

Step 2

Your Personalized Deep Dive Call

You will receive a booking link after you take the online assessments to set up this call.  Then, in 2 hours or less, we collect as much information from you as we can. We go over the assessments that you did online and we then complete a one on one clarity session with you to refine your answers and determine your goals.

You will leave this call with your quick launch next action steps guide. This is as list of goals, and actions that you can begin immediately.

Step 3

Your Road-Map Action Guide

After gathering all of your information together and having our call, our team puts together your complete Road-Map Action Guide and Strategy Report. This is a full report of everything that you must have or do to achieve your specific goals.

Step 4

Your Follow Up Session

We want you to be a success. Therefor we understand that you will need to have a follow up session to see how your Road-Map is currently performing for you and if you need to make any tweaks to it. This session is 30 – 45 minutes in length and will ensure that you are on the road to speaking business success!

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